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Results Statement 2016


I am delighted to inform you of the magnificent achievement of the class of 2016 in this year’s Leaving Certificate. Their results are some of the highest we have seen at Sutton Park in recent years.  What is most obvious is that half our students sitting the Leaving Certificate received 460 points or more.  Of these, 20% of our students received 555 points or more and 32% received 500 points or more.  

The number of students who received A1s outstripped the national averages considerably.  Furthermore, the frightening national statistics regarding Ordinary Level failure in Maths did not manifest itself at either Ordinary or Higher Level in Sutton Park.  In all subjects, the uptake at Higher Level was considerably above the national average.  In English alone, 85% sat Higher Level while the national average was 68%.  

Our thoughts now move on to the University destinations of our students.  The first round of the CAO offers take place on Monday 22 August and most feel fairly confident of gaining entry onto their chosen courses.  We will be delighted to bid farewell to the class of 2016 as they embark on journeys to such far flung destinations such as Princeton, Cambridge, Amsterdam and Barcelona as well as the more traditional destinations and local universities. At Sutton Park, we pride ourselves on providing guidance to the students in finding the appropriate destinations to match their hard work.  We hope that in the future, they bring this experience to bear on our existing student body in the form of advice and assistance.  

All these world-wide university destinations means the achievements of the class of 2016 will not be recognised in the very parochial league tables published around Autumn in the press.  The reason is very simple.  These league tables only reflect university destinations in Ireland (some include United Kingdom universities too).  Until the Department of Education requires individual schools to report Leaving Certificate results directly instead of relying on the Irish university destinations as the sole performance indicator, our Leaving Certificate performance will never be properly recognised. We pride ourselves on guiding the students into courses that they will pursue until the final year.   Indeed current entry requirements preclude some of our students from entering university until they have completed 3 years in the Irish education system (which is impossible for an international student who joins us in 5th Year).

Congratulations to the Class of 2016 for their magnificent achievement this year and wishing them continued success in their university careers. Please don't be a stranger - we will need your expertise as parents and past pupils to continue to guide Sutton Park students to the best third level destinations.  To the class of 2017, can I say that if you work with the same level of application, focus, self-discipline and commitment, you may even be able to supersede these heights.

Ronan Walsh - Head of School 

Contact Details:

St Fintan's Road, Sutton, Dublin 13, Ireland 

Tel: +353 1 832 2940

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