Ronan Walsh

Head of School

Another fantastic year approaches at Sutton Park School leading us to expect that the coming year will bring as much excitement as the previous ones have done. If you are reading this from foreign shores or local environs, speculating on the future of your son or daughter, then feel free to use the information contained in this website but also more importantly, in our Twitter Feed to give you a further flavour of Sutton Park School and all it entails. In a school which embraces so many nationalities and whose ages span from 4 to 19 years of age, it is impossible to account here for all the achievements that our school community is responsible for, week by week and month by month. But please trust me when I say, as our Mission Statement attests that “we nurture, inspire and empower our students to strive for excellence in all that they do as responsible global citizens”.

As usual, the year began with much analysis and talk about the previous year’s Leaving Certificate results which once again were a huge testament to the strong academic nature of our school with one quarter of our students achieving 500 points, 33% of our students receiving 470 points or more and 85% receiving their first preference on the CAO. While, as ever, these headline figures are impressive, we are intensely proud of all our students who have achieved to the maximum of their potential across the spectrum of the CAO points requirements.

Our International Accreditation received a ringing endorsement in April 2019 as both CIS and NEASC reaccredited Sutton Park School as the premier international school in Ireland. This endorsement does not just extend to our international accreditors. The Department of Education and Skills have recently completed a number of subject inspections and a Whole School Evaluation, all of which gave huge praise to the school, its students and its learning culture. Please see links to these reports in the Downloads section of this website.

We look forward to the usual December excitement of Junior & Intermediate School Christmas Plays, the Carol Concert and the ever popular Young Scientist Competition in January. We are also anticipating continuing success on the Sports field as Sutton Park School continues to punch above its weight at hockey, volleyball, basketball, badminton, athletics, rowing and soccer. Our musicians continue to represent the school at all levels with continued success at both National and International level. Last year’s school production of Grease sold out the Helix Theatre at Dublin City University and was the highlight of the school year. We are delighted to welcome a visiting choir from Catalonia this year.

Transition Year continues to be a flagship for the school and you will find further information on this in our Transition Year brochure available in the Academic section of the website. We look forward to great achievements from all students in the school from age 4 to 19. Please feel free to contact us should you wish to hear any further information about our school.